Years ago, when I was but a wee lad, I became totally enamoured of what we called then Wolf Cubs. I was desperate. I moithered my folks until finally they gave in and let me join the local pack. By the time I joined they had been renamed Cub Scouts, but that just didn't matter. It became the love of my young life. I adored the weekly meetings. Quickly rising through the ranks to become a Sixer, my sleeves adorned in badges. I was lucky, we lived in the countryside, so I had woods and fields to explore. There was the opportunity to light fires, carve sticks and make things with wood and string. There were knots to learn and so much more. I read Scouting for Boys from end to end, til the pages were dog-eared and mud stained. In short it became my life.

As I approached my 9th birthday I was appraised of the fact that soon I would be "going off to school", this scared me and I am sure that the only thing that persuaded me was the fact that there would be a Cub Scout group to join. Join I did. It was the only bright light of my school career. I persisted through Cubs to Scouts and then to what was known as Venture Scouts. After leaving I got caught up in that thing called adult life and my Scouting adventures seemed to be left behind. And yet at the same time they really weren't.

As I grew older and cycled through so many "career opportunities", none of which made a blind bit of sense to me, there was always hints of that previous life that filtered through. I hated town and city life and was always finding creative ways under the guise of work to escape to the countryside, light fires and hang out in nature.

Eventually it all became too much and when the opportunity arose I escaped. I ended up as an outdoor skills instructor in North Wales. That's where you will find me now. I am old now and my body is broken so now it is time to return to that life and the woods. I find now that it has its own name - Bushcraft. Really it's just Boys 'n the Wood